Sunday, April 13, 2014, 7:30 – 8:45pm

E.G. Vallianatos
The EPA’s Hidden Secret

Downstairs at Town Hall; enter on Seneca Street. $5.

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Media Library, Science

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EG VallianatosSince its inception in 1970, the Environmental Protection Agency has been tasked with keeping our food, rivers, and farms safe from chemicals and other harmful substances. Poison Spring: The Secret History of Pollution and the EPA reveals the unknown side of the EPA, one where pesticides and insecticides are approved substances. According to author E.G. Vallianatos, the EPA allows millions of pounds of synthetic chemicals and substances to be deposited into our water systems and food every day. Drawing on extensive field interviews, as well as his 25 years as an EPA employee, Vallianatos traces the vein of corruption, political pressures, and corporate interests that have transformed the agency into a protector of the “chemical-industrial complex.” With co-author McKay Jenkins, he shows how the EPA not only fails to protect us from harmful chemicals, but betrays its primary mission in the process.

Presented by: Town Hall and University Book Store, as part of The Seattle Science Lectures sponsored by Microsoft and and the Town Green Sub Series sponsored by The Peach Foundation. Series media sponsorship provided by KPLU.
Learn more: Learn more about the EPA.

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  1. Rowland Martin
    Posted April 17, 2014 at 1:10 pm | Permalink

    Just more nonsense from an non-scientist, fear-mongering alarmist.

    The environment is doing quite well. Many regulations should be relaxed and more industrial facilities built. Not only would this pose no environmental problem, it would improve the environment by continuing to encourage a less land-consuming economy.

    Vallianatos should have stuck with Greek.

    • Delilah WillowDance
      Posted June 10, 2014 at 2:50 pm | Permalink

      Hmmmm~~Rowland Martin. You must work for a chemical company or perhaps you have a stake in a company that wants to dump toxic waste where you please, without interruption from prying eyes.

      Fact is, this Earth is dying at an alarming rate due to pollution from Humans! Even most Scientists agree on this fact.
      Pesticides have nearly wiped out the Bee population! One of every 3 bites of food you eat you can thank the bees for. with out their valued contribution to this planet, we are in trouble!

      Chemicals are killing our wildlife, our planet and us. there is too much proof on this and we should not ignore it. What will this planet be like in 50, 100 years from now? I’d be afraid to even speculate.
      Every species on the planet serves an important role in our Eco system.
      Yet thanks to humans we are killing them off at an alarming rate. Many are already extinct!!
      I would say Mr. E.G. Vallianatos knows what he is talking about especially given his 25 years as an EPA employee!!

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