Equipment & Rates

Included in Rental

Included in the room-rental rate is a site visit with an event services manager, staff on the day of the event, furniture inventory, and publicity. To inquire about room-rental rates, contact Rental and Booking Director Shirley Bossier at 206/652-4255, ext. 11, or email  Shirley Bossier.


  • Monthly hard-copy calendar, circulation 4,000 (space permitting). Listing available for public events only.
  • Town Hall website listing with link to client’s website and ticketing agent
  • Weekly event listing email blast to 15,000 homes
  • Weekly advertising in The Stranger, Seattle Weekly,, Capitol Hill Seattle Blog
  • Onsite placement of publicity collateral
  • All promotions and publicity deliverables subject to change and space permitting.

Standard furniture setup and strike (including up to 10 6′ tables): $100 per venue

Public Room furniture strike and reset: $50

Stage Lights

Great Hall

  • Front Lights (Oculus)
  • 8 ETC Source Fours, 19-degree
  • Top Lights (Flown Truss)
  • 6 ETC Source Four Pars
  • Side Lights
  • 4 ETC Source Fours, 50-degree
  • Back Wall Lights
  • 5 LE Micro Fill Lights
  • Console
  • Leprecon LP612 12-channel, 2-scene preset

Downstairs at Town Hall

  • Front Lights
  • 2 ETC Source Fours, 36-degree
  • 2 Lee Colortran 6” Fresnels
  • 4 Lee Colortran 6” Fresnels with barn doors
  • Side Lights
  • 2 Lee Colortran 6” Fresnels
  • Top Light
  • 2 work lights
  • Console
  • Leviton MC 7008 8-channel, 2-scene preset


**Note:  The following list includes the entire furniture inventory at Town Hall. Not all furniture may be available for a given event, as multiple events may be in progress simultaneously.

  • Lectern
  • 50 Manhasset music stands
  • 28 – 6’x30” rectangular tables
  • 20 – 60” round tables
  • 12 – 30” square café tables
  • 195 stackable chairs
  • 170 folding chairs
  • 10 Wenger upholstered chairs
  • 3 misc. upholstered chairs
  • 5 high-backed, upholstered stools
  • 4 red upholstered armchairs
  • 2 wooden stools
  • Assorted tables and chairs

Equipment Available for an Additional Fee

(All prices are per room, per day)

Sound Support

Sound System in Great Hall

(includes sound engineer’s time and the following equipment): $30 per hour, four-hour minimum

FOH Equipment
  • Mackie SR 24.4 mixing console (20 mic inputs, 2 stereo inputs, 4 busses, 6 aux sends)
  • 4 channels of DBX 31 band graphic EQ (DBX 2231 & DBX 1231)
  • 2 channels of DBX compression (DBX 166a)
  • Denon DN-T620 CD player/cassette player
Main Speakers (mono system)
  • Flown center cluster of 4 Bag End Sapphire-I speakers
  • 2- Renkus Heinz TRX 121 speakers serve as side fills
  • 2- Renkus Heinz TRX 61 speakers serve as delay fills
  • Main speakers are powered via QSC and Crown power amplifiers.
Monitor System

In-house monitors are operated from FOH with a total of 3 mixes available.
The following speakers are available for monitor use:

  • 2- Renkus Heinz TRX 121
  • 2- Mackie SRM 450
  • 2- JBL EON 10

Sound System Downstairs at Town Hall

(includes sound engineer’s time and the following equipment)
$30 per hour, four-hour minimum

FOH Equipment
  • PreSonus Studio Live 16-4-2 digital mixing console (16 mic inputs, 4 busses, 6 aux sends, internal dynamic processing & effects)
  • 1 channel of DBX 31 band graphic EQ (DBX 2031)
  • 2 channels of DBX compression (DBX 266XL)
  • Gemini CDX1250 CD player
Main Speakers (mono system)
  • 2- Adamson CB1 speakers
  • 2- Community CPL27 speakers serve as side fills

Microphone Inventory

The following list includes the entire inventory of microphones at Town Hall. Not all microphones may be available for a given event, as multiple events may be in progress simultaneously.

  • 8- Shure SM 58 vocal microphones
  • 3- Shure SM 57 instrument microphones
  • 2- Audio Technica AT-2010 condenser vocal microphones
  • 4- Shure MX418D/C desktop microphones
  • 4- Whirlwind Director passive direct boxes

Additional sound equipment is available for rental as required, for an added fee; delivery charges may apply.

A Town Hall event coordinator can arrange for the rental of any additional equipment required for your event that is not available in-house.

Wireless handheld microphone    $100
Wireless microphone with headset   $125

Automatic sound system (for announcements only; no operator): one microphone with boom stand, run through house sound system $50
Archival recording (up to two hours, $25 for each additional hour) $50
Lobby sound system
please inquire
Concert pianos (includes tuning)
7′ Steinway B 2004 (Great Hall) $200
7′ Heintzman (Lobby) $200
5’10″ Steinway Hamburg O 1921 (Downstairs) $200
LCD projector: 5000 lumens $450
LCD projector: 3500 lumens $300
Projection screen: 9′ x 12′ (cradle) or 6′ x 8′ (tripod) $50
Great Hall stage extensions $250
Choral risers: 5
Stage platforms
$50 per platform

Town Hall technical personnel are required onsite for any rehearsals, performances, or other events when lights, sound systems, or other electrical equipment are in use. Any technical staff employed or contracted by the renter shall be under the supervision of TH technical personnel or house manager.

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